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Ten Reasons to Become a Roofer


Ten Reasons to Become a Roofer

“When I grow up, I want to become a roofer!”  How many kids utter those words?  The roofing industry may not be the most popular profession, but for me, the owner of Pro-Home Services, it is a passion.  For 16 years I have had the honor of serving the Chicagoland area while doing what I love.

My decision to become a roofer and establish Pro-Homes Services came from the same reason we are still going strong 16 years later–our relationship with our customers.  Back in 2003, I was selling windows for Alside. They appreciated their new windows but often had valid complaints about their roofers. They were victims of shoddy workmanship, incomplete projects and more. They deserved better, and I knew I could provide it by starting a roofing company that did it right.

Pro-Homes Services has built a reputation of trust, compassion, and impeccable workmanship for our clients. In the process, becoming a roofer was the best decision I could have ever made. Anyone on my team can tell you that being a roofer is a pretty good deal! Here are the top 10 reasons why…

#10 The View. The next best thing to flying is seeing the world from above!  Our view is one not often seen by everyday people, and that’s cool!

#9  Hands On. When you become a roofer you can take pride in your handcrafted workmanship. Every day’s work ends with the integrity of a job well done.

#8  Teamwork.   Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Roofing thrives on teamwork and our roofing teams at Pro-Homes have been together for years, serving customers throughout Chicagoland.

#7 Problem Solving. In any home improvement project, you’re most likely to encounter something unexpected as you demolish and replace. For people who enjoy challenges, roofing is a great career. There is never a dull moment and there is always opportunity to  grow and learn as an individual and as a team.

#6 Knowledge.  The roofing business is always changing and growing and there is always something new to learn. Innovative materials are always being invented to help home and business owners save energy costs and provide greater protection from the elements.

#5 Working Outdoors.    Roofers are not chained to a desk or glued to a chair. They get to enjoy the warm sun, the cool breezes, and the fresh air!

#4 Variety.  Roofers are on different locations from day to day and no two roofs are the same. Roofers work with different homeowners in different neighborhoods, putting on different types of roofing materials and making different improvements. Roofers never get bored!

#3 Job Security.  As long as there are buildings with roofs, there will need to be someone who puts them there.  New and old construction is constantly happening and Pro-Homes is there to help put the roof on!

#2 Satisfaction. Roofers get to see something ugly and old replaced with something new and beautiful. It’s a wonderful feeling to help improve a neighborhood and see the smile on the customer’s face when it’s all done.

…and the #1 reason to become a roofer is…

THE CUSTOMERS! Without a doubt, our customers are the ultimate reason to become a roofer!  At Pro-Home Services we enjoy building long-term relationships with customers. Many call us for their roof and then return for doorssidingor windows  Return customers are so rewarding, and sometimes we get to see their families grow up too!

Becoming a roofer is one of the most noble of all skilled trades you can have.   As a roofer, customers are placing their investment in your hands, and in turn, you are providing shelter and security for their family.

The team at Pro-Homes Services would like to thank our customers, family, and friends for 16 successful years. To new customers and aspiring roofers, give us a call 630-790-0800 or check out our website for more information.





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