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The 4 Most Important Curb Appeal Factors

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The 4 Most Important Curb Appeal Factors

A lot of people think that when it comes to curb appeal, landscaping is the most important thing you can do to make your home attractive to potential buyers. However, there are many other parts of the house that make an even bigger impression, consciously and unconsciously. They also have the added bonus of increasing the value of your home as well. It’s a good idea to invest in projects that make the house itself look modern, well-kept, and eye-catching, so that your home is always open house-ready. Better Homes and Gardens cites many ways to boost your curb appeal, but only a few of them will really give your house a fresh look while improving their quality too.


Give your house a facelift by replacing the siding in a more vibrant color or style. If siding is in poor condition, your home usually makes a poor impression, and a potential buyer may assume the house is not strong or insulated correctly. Cracked wood or rotting material can ruin the look of your house.  Beautiful, vibrantly-colored siding does just the opposite!


The door to your house is your guest’s gateway to the rest of the house. It should reflect who you are and create an impression of the dwellers within until the moment your guest steps through the threshold.  The front door is impossible to miss, so many designers feel this is an area where you can pick a bright, contrasty color to give your home character. It’s an easy way to update your look.  Remember, unlike your roof or siding, guests see your door up close and personal so make sure it’s a quality door, especially if you are going for curb appeal.


Your windows are focal points for your house. Their reflective surfaces naturally draw the eye, so make sure they are clean.  Also, make sure they are functioning as accents to your house, not an eyesore. Is the trim around the window freshly painted? Are the windows well-framed?  From a curb appeal perspective, you never want to have windows with peeling paint or rotten wood. Nice, new replacement windows can make the house look spiffy from the outside as well as the inside.


A shabby roof is a big and obvious turn-off to potential homebuyers, not only because it is visually unappealing, but because it is perceived as not easily replaced. Peeling shingles or roofs that are moldy and discolored or roofs with signs of hail damage  will not present well to future buyers. There are many colors of shingles to choose from, and you can easily find a color or style that suits the other aesthetic features of your house to create a statement. Your roof can be used to contrast or compliment aspects of your house such as the size or shape. Choosing the right roof color and material is essential to your curb appeal.

Pro-Home Services can cover all your home exterior needs, including the “top four” you need for curb appeal. If you are looking to boost it in a serious, long-term way, there is no better option than updating. Call Pro-Home Services can help with roofing, siding, windows, and doors. For more information, contact us at 630-790-0800.





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