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The Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding


The Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Is your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter? If your answer is YES! We have a solution for you. Insulated siding system can add many benefits to your home, it will reduce energy loss, reduce the noise coming from the outside, it will boost your home curb appeal and increase your house resale value; also did I mention its impact resistant? Yes it is, it resist damage from hail, wind, softball, golf ball and whatever else your kids play with around the house.

Mastic is one of the few vinyl siding manufacturers to offer insulated vinyl siding.

Structure Home Insulation System® is the ultimate cladding system to achieve the look and performance of America’s smartest homes.

  • Surrounds the house with a blanket of continues insulation
  • A true “green” product with at least 50% recycled content
  • Wide laps and tighter seams for the look of real wood, without the maintenance

I really like this siding. Unlike traditional vinyl siding, this has more of craftsman look. A nice feature about it is the expanded polystyrene foam backing, which insulates, giving you an R-value of 3 on the house. Color runs through the panel, so if you scratch it, the color isn’t affected. The siding comes in a lot of different sizes and styles as well. If you’re looking for siding that is durable, low maintenance and looks beautiful, insulated siding is the ideal choice.





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