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The Best Home Improvement Project During COVID-19


The Best Home Improvement Project During COVID-19

Raise your hand if you are sick of COVID-19!  For the last few months COVID-19 has gripped the entire planet. We are now living in a “new normal” where face masks have become a fashion accessory, finding Clorox wipes is like finding a pot of gold, and COVID is vastly becoming a popular baby name. Because of COVID-19, most of the world has spent more time at home than ever expected. With that comes its triumphs and tribulations, from quality time with the kids to realizing you would rather try that expense report than tackle 5th grade algebra. Being at home day after day, you begin to notice every little annoyance and flaw in your house. While we cannot help with the latter, Pro-Home Services can help improve or repair the issues outside the home.

Since COVID-19 is a very real threat, Pro-Homes Service understands that our customers might be leery of contacting us. We hope to put your mind at ease and allow you to make those home improvements you want. To start with, we suggest the best work to have done during this time is siding and roofing projects. This is because the work is completely done outside your home. That is right, who would have thought it took a pandemic such as COVID-19 to motivate you to replace your damaged siding or that leaky roof. The following are the precautions our associates are following to keep your family safe:

  • Contactless Samples: Prior to the pandemic we would come to your home with samples for you to choose from. Now we sanitize every sample piece and deliver it to your doorstep, no contact assured.
  • Phone Consult: We will hold an over the phone consultation put a plan together. No need to step foot inside your home. Still prefer in person consultation. We will stand behind a storm door to serve you in the best way we can.
  • Social Distance: We will respect and follow social distancing requirements.
  • PPE Gear: Masks and gloves will be worn when in the customers presence.

Although the “new normal” takes some getting used to, especially in the world of customer service, the aim of Pro-Home is to serve our customers safely. We will follow the lead of the homeowner to ensure their comfort and well-being.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in our siding, roofing, windows or doors check out our website or give us a call! We are back in business and ready to make your house into the home you want to quarantine in. 630-790-0800





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