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The Big 3 — Siding Materials: Pros and Cons


The Big 3 — Siding Materials: Pros and Cons

If you’re building a new home or maybe you’re just repairing and renovating, you should take the time to consider the materials available to you before getting to work. As with any other project, the siding you choose for your home can have a major impact on your home’s energy efficiency and environmental impact, among other things. So it is important to know the different types of house siding materials that you can use on your home.


An extremely popular choice for many homeowners for its versatility and durability, as well as being a time efficient choice since it requires little maintenance and doesn’t need routine painting.

  • Pros:
      1. Can possibly be covered by a warranty for up to 40 years after siding installation.
      2. There are many color options with vinyl.
      3. Can have different textures.
      4. Easy to clean.
      5. Different types of vinyl siding with different benefits.
      6. May be the cheapest siding option.
  • Cons:
    1. Isn’t waterproof (meaning there could be leaks if not installed correctly).
    2. Can warp in extreme weather.
    3. Color choice is permanent.
    4. There is the possibility for dents and gashes in the side of your house.


Wood siding can provide a beautiful and natural aesthetic to your home and is great for those who love the cabin feel.

  • Pros:
      1. Easily replaced in small doses.
      2. Very eco-friendly, as in isn’t artificial or toxic.
      3. Assortment of staining and painting color options.
      4. Very energy efficient.
      5. Usually easy and fast to install.
  • Cons:
    1. Needs routine upkeep with paint or stain.
    2. Many possibilities for damage (water, insects, etc).
    3. Cost to maintain can become costly.
    4. Not fire resistant.


Composite siding is also a very popular option because it can look and feel like real wood without all the baggage.

  • Pros:
      1. Looks just like wood without all the insects or maintenace costs.
      2. Composites such as fiber cement are incredibly fire resistant.
      3. Easily maintained with an up-front gaurantee for 15 years of no fading or chipping.
      4. Many color and texture choices.
  • Cons:
    1. >Heavy material, making DIY installs difficult.
    2. Costs more than traditional vinyl.
    3. Will have to be repainted every decade or so.
    4. Will mostly likely require touch ups to paint as the years progress.

Of course, there are still many other options to consider when looking at the different types of house siding materials. It’s important to factor in all the variables when making your decision, such as costs, maintenance, versatility, durability, protection level, etc. Albeit your siding looks is and should be a large contributing factor, it just shouldn’t be the only one.

Consider talking to your siding contractor to see what types of materials they provide and what they recommend for your home.





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