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The Votes are in: Trends in Midwest Roofing Styles


The Votes are in: Trends in Midwest Roofing Styles

People like trends, and people in Illinois getting a new roof are no exception; they like to consider the trends in Midwest roofing styles. The endless choices in shingle colors, materials and styles can be overwhelming, because there are so many things to consider.  It’s nice to have a model or benchmark from which to make your decision.

What are the trends? There are no definitive answers. Not only do trends come and go, but ultimately you need to choose a look that appeals to YOU. However, we have compiled some opinions from interior designers and information about Midwest roofing that can help get you started.

Traditional roof colors of the Midwest have historically been white, tan and gray. These colors come from the prevalence of slate shingles and wood shakes in the Midwest before asphalt was invented. According to some sources, Dutch colonial homes were especially common in the Midwest, and fewer color options used to be available, leading home exteriors to be mostly monochromatic.

However, one key color trend this year was gray.  Kate Smith of Sensational Color promotes gray as great base color for a home exterior, and many others have also taken up gray as a favorite. It has a rustic appearance that resembles shakes or slate shingles. Some of the shingles offered by GAF and Owens Corning offer very beautiful shades of gray including a Pewter and Fox Hollow Gray from GAF. Owens Corning offers a light Sierra Gray, darker Quarry Gray and brownish/blackish Peppermill and Estate Grays. At Pro-Home Services, our most popular roofing colors are Pewter Gray, Charcoal, Brownwood, and Weathered wood. In other words, dark shades of gray and brown seem to be most popular among Pro-Home Services customers.

Kristie Barnett, also known as the Decorologist, has teamed up with LP Smartside to offer ideas about roofing color, the many color schemes and how to match your siding to a gray or black roof in particular. However, while you can always find ideas on trends on the internet, the final choice will always be up to you.

At Pro-Homes, we help make the decision easier by bringing samples of the shingles right to your home. You can lay them on the roof, step back and see how they look with your siding and house color.

Pro-Home Services knows that choosing a roof color is complicated, and we try to simplify the process as much as possible. For Midwest roofing, make sure that you are taking practicality into account as well as style and before you know it, you will have a new roof you can be proud of. If we can help you take advantage of a new roofing trend, contact us today! Happy shopping!





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