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Three Unbelievably Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Home’s Resell Value


Three Unbelievably Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Home’s Resell Value

Your home’s value doesn’t just depend on the state of the real estate market — it’s also affected by the amount of maintenance and work you put into your home to keep it looking its best.

So if you’re thinking of selling your home to move elsewhere, it might be time to think about ways to boost your property value — but luckily, it’s easier than you think!

In fact, raising your house’s resell value might even be as simple as hiring a home remodeling company for a few touch-ups. Check out these three super-simple home improvement projects that will make your property more valuable:

Replacing your front door
One of the most surprising ways you can improve your home’s resale value on the market is by simply getting a new front door. The highest return on investment, or ROI, comes from replacing your wooden front door with a steel door — doing so will give a 97.2% ROI! That’s because steel doors offer a number of advantages to traditional wood doors. They can be made soundproof or fireproof, and you can get them hollow or solid, and in virtually any color you want.

Investing in a siding replacement
Did you know that old and worn-out siding can cause your home’s value to fall by as much as 10%? No one wants to buy a house that looks dilapidated and decrepit on the outside. Regain this loss by getting a new siding installation. On average, homeowners who renovate their siding can get an 81.6% ROI, especially if vinyl siding is used.

Adding on a deck or patio
Another great home remodeling idea for higher resale value? Adding on a deck. It might be a major landscaping project, but it also returns dividends in a big way, with an 80.5% ROI on average. That makes this project well worth its cost!

Know of any other home remodel projects not listed here that help increase property value? Share with us and your fellow readers in the comments below!





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