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Top 5 Benefits to Energy Efficient Windows


Top 5 Benefits to Energy Efficient Windows

When thinking about new window installation, few people think about how a window can mean the difference between saving them money each month on their energy bills or, quite literally, letting that same money fly right out their new window. Some think going for the cheapest window choice is best, as it saves them money right then and there. But that’s not always the case.

Replacement windows that are single-paned are incredibly inefficient. They do little to keep heating and cooling energy in, allowing your bills to skyrocket and they allow all sorts of noise from the outside to come rushing in. Here are five reasons why investing in energy efficient windows can really help you out in the long run.

  1. Keeps Bills Low

    The most obvious benefit of these residential windows is they are designed to be highly energy efficient. They are able to seal in warm air during the freezing winter months and protect you against hot temperatures during the summer. Down the road, this will pay for itself in just the amount of money you’ll be saving on energy bills alone.

  2. Lower Maintenance

    A bonus of energy efficient residential windows is that they require very low upkeep. Since the energy transfer through the windows is minimized, this reduces the amount of condensation build-up that could cause mold or damage to plain wood windows. This gives another benefit as it lowers water spots and dust buildup, so you can spend less time cleaning them.

  3. Noise Reduction

    The insulation of energy efficient windows also provides excellent soundproofing. Not only do they seal in energy from your home, but they also lower noise from traffic, sirens or any other bothersome noise you may hear out your window.

  4. Environmentally Friendly

    Because energy efficient windows require you to use less heating and cooling in your home, this also means you are using less fossil fuels, like natural gas furnaces. Because of this, it is helping reduce your carbon footprint by being a lot better for the environment. Not only do you save on cash from less energy wasted, you also save on damage done to the world around you from harmful energy sources.

  5. Safeguards Items in Your Home from Wear and Tear

    It has been proven that UV rays can and will damage carpets, rugs, fabric, wood, and furniture that resides in your home. Energy efficient windows drastically reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the home, thus lowering the damage caused to your items.

Energy efficient windows have the potential to give a huge return on investment to any home owner. Their benefits far outweigh those of traditional residential windows. When you are thinking of replacing the windows in you home, consider these five things.

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