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Try DaVinci Roofing For Durable Shakes

Closeup of DaVinci roofing shakes from Pro-Home Services
Try DaVinci Roofing For Durable Shakes

DaVinci Roofing from Pro-Home ServicesAlmost everyone enjoys the luxurious, beautiful look of wood shake shingles but few people enjoy the maintenance. However, with DaVinci Roofing shake and natural shake, homeowners can upgrade the look of their home and the durability of their roof without the maintenance headaches.

What is DaVinci Roofing Shake?

The DaVinci roofing product is an engineered shake shingle that approximates the look of hand-split cedar. Because it is engineered with an advanced polymer construction, DaVinci Roofing shakes will not split, crack, or peel like traditional wood shakes.

Is DaVinci Shake Really More Durable than Wood?

Yes! The product was designed to withstand the elements, and the customers of Pro-Home services are pleased with their selection of DaVinci shake. The roofing has a Class A Fire rating and is certified to withstand wind up to 110 mph. The shingles also have a Class 4 Impact rating to hold firm against large hail, tree limbs, or storm projectiles. DaVinci shakes also contain fire retardant materials and UV and thermal stabilizers to withstand the most brutal climates.

Does DaVinci Shake Really Look Like Wood?

The manufacturers have taken care to produce a product that mimics the deep grooves and grain patterns of natural wood. Most people cannot tell the difference between real wood shake and DaVinci! In a recent project at Pro-Homes, we installed DaVinci shake. The homeowner was very pleased at the realistic presentation of the final product.

Pro-Home Services DaVinci Shakes

Are There Style and Color Choices?

 Yes! There are two main styles of the DaVinci roofing shake product: the single-width and the Bellaforte. The single-width shakes come in various sizes to customize your look, including four, six, seven, eight and  nine-inch wide shakes. They provide a tidy, uniform look on the roof. The Bellaforte style is a 12-inch wide shake that contains two shakes per shingle for a multi-width look on a single shingle.

Both kinds of shingles bring a distinctive look to the homeowner’s roof and come in eight colors, ranging from weathered grays to tans and blacks. The Bellaforte shingle is more efficient for installation and reduces material costs and simplifies installation.

Are DaVinci Shakes Environmentally Sound?

Yes! The product has been around since 2004 and has been developed intentionally, with sustainability in mind. Instead of using rubber in the shingles, which is more difficult to recycle, DaVinci uses engineered, virgin resin to produce the strongest shingles possible. The polymer is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the DaVinci manufacturing plant in Lenexa, Kansas for recycling if ever removed from the roof.

How Does the Cost of DaVinci Compare to Real Wood?

The cost of cedar shake continues to rise with supply chain problems and increasing environmental concerns. However, the cost of materials is only one factor that affects the cost of your roofing project. Your square footage and characteristics like your roof’s pitch, valleys, and other features can affect the installation cost of your roof. In general, though, the cost of materials for natural wood shake shingles and DaVinci are comparable, with DaVinci prices ranging anywhere from $15-$30 a square foot.

Do the DaVinci Shakes Have a Good Warranty?

DaVinci shakes carry a lifetime limited warranty, including an industry-leading 10-year non pro-rated warranty against manufacturing defects. You can expect the beauty of your DaVinci shingles to last your home for fifty years.

Pro Home Services is a certified dealer of DaVinci and can help you with the selecting and planning of a DaVinci shake roof on your home. If you’d like to make an appointment for a free estimate, contact us today at 630-790-0800.






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