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Try These Home Siding Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal


Try These Home Siding Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

It’s not often considered among new home sellers, but your home’s siding can make or break a sale. Siding plays a critical role in the appearance of your home and can drastically change the curb appeal depending on a variety of factors, including color, durability, and type of material.

When you’re thinking about selling your home, try these siding ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest ways to bolster your home’s appearance is by applying a fresh coat of paint to your vinyl siding or composite siding. In fact, it’s estimated that paint applied to composite siding can last up to 20 years with little maintenance.

Just be sure to apply siding colors that appeal to new buyers. Luckily, there are a ton of colors available for siding options when you want to get something new. But painting it yourself can be a fairly inexpensive way to improve the look of your home.

Even though bright yellow paint sounded good at the time, most potential buyers won’t want to go through the effort of changing a coat of paint. Remember that you can’t go wrong with an off-white or eggshell color. If you want to add a little more nuance to your home’s siding, a medium gray or taupe looks classy against the white frames of your windows. Just be sure your siding is in good shape before you slap on a fresh coat of paint.

Make the repairs

Siding maintenance and repair is an oft-overlooked aspect to homeownership, but spotty or damaged siding is easily noticed under the inquisitive eye of potential buyers. It might seem like you’re throwing money away since you’re only going to sell, but making the necessary siding repairs through quality remodeling services assures you’re making a good investment.

Vertical siding

Instead of installing traditional siding horizontally, talk to your siding company about vertical siding options. This can create a visually striking home exterior that makes the house look taller. At the very least, it assures your house will stand out from the rest of the homes potential buyers have viewed. This trend might just be taking off in 2019.

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