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What To Do When Siding Falls off Your House

What To Do When Siding Falls off Your House

What To Do When Siding Falls off Your House

Accidents happen, but what do you do when disaster strikes? Your siding might slip off your home for many reasons. It could be because of a harsh storm or it was installed incorrectly. Regardless, it’s your problem; how do you fix it? Check out our article on what to do when the siding falls off your house.

Take Your Measurements

The first thing you should do when your siding falls off is to measure it. Check the width and length of the space and the fallen siding with a tape measure. Note both measurements in a ledger or notebook because you’ll need them to find the right dimensions for the new siding to plug the gap that’s been left behind.

Cut Out a Portion of the Siding

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but you should use a sharp tool—like a utility knife—to cut off a piece of the fallen siding. Alternatively, take a picture of the siding with your smartphone. You need to find the right color for your siding when you go to your local home improvement shop. There’s nothing worse than standing in the middle of Lowe’s, trying to remember the color of your siding. Given the variety of shades, you may get a slightly different shade from what you need. This is an important factor to consider when siding falls off your house.

Climb to the Area It Fell From

Be careful! This is a dangerous task! At this point, it’s time to climb to the area where the siding fell from. Get a ladder, and take your timeAsk a partner to hold the bottom of the ladder steady. When you’re finally in position, ask your partner at the foot of the ladder to give you the replacement siding. Hold it with both hands so you don’t drop it and hit your partner, hurting them and cracking the siding in the process.

Reinstall the Siding

Hold the siding parallel to the existing pieces and connect the bottom and top edges to the space. Raise the piece onto the overhanging new siding, and secure it using a hammer and one-inch nails. Nail the siding at 17-inch intervals to secure it. With that, your siding replacement is complete!

If you’re interested in assistance for a siding repair without all the extra hassle, take advantage of our services at Pro Home Services. We’ll take care of all your siding replacement needs!





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