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What Type of Siding Options Match Your Personality?


What Type of Siding Options Match Your Personality?

Shaky ladders and unbalanced reaching are a dangerous combination that most people are happy to avoid. Painting the outside of a house is never an easy task and is terribly time consuming. Unfortunately, sidings made of materials such as wood require maintenance every couple of years to prevent damage and wear. Luckily new siding options are available that are cheap to install and don’t require regular upkeep.

New types of vinyl siding have become a very popular alternative. The material has the advantage of quick installation and the colored plastics do not require the re-painting and cleaning that wood does. Even if you only maintain the exterior of your house once a year or every few years, you will be ecstatic when that time comes around and you can sit in the comfort of your own home, safely in the air conditioning.

For longevity purposes, there are no siding options more economical than vinyl, with an estimated lifespan of up to 40 years. Whether raising a family or preparing to sell, there’s no need to waste time maintaining the entirety of the outside of your home. Overall the switch to vinyl siding will bring a sizable return on investment, even after many years of use.

For those homeowners who may want more unique types of house siding, composite siding is always an effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative. The mixtures used for this can include fiber cement or a mixture of fine wood pulp and cement. The advantages of composite siding include minimal upkeep, a resistance to rotting, termites, and fire, and it will remain unaffected by wind and cold. With the options to be modeled after painted wood, shingles, and stone or brick, composite siding is not only structurally sound but will also match your tastes.

It’s more than understandable to prefer to completely remove yourself from the equation of siding installation — the physical aspect anyway. There are skilled commercial contractors who have plenty of experience rejuvenating the exterior of a home to express your own personal style. What type of siding options match your personality?





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