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What’s in a Roofing Quote?


What’s in a Roofing Quote?

Ever wonder what the roofing pros are looking for up there on your roof as they prepare your roofing quote? They are looking for a lot more than broken shingles to estimate the cost of your roof repair or replacement. If you want to understand more about what goes into a roofer’s quotes, here is a breakdown of what goes into a roofing quote.

  • Repair or Replace? This is the first question that should be answered when you are getting a quote. It’s possible that all your roof needs is repairs here and there, rather than a whole replacement. This will depend on the condition of the shingles, and the age of the roof.
  • Travel time. Your roofing quote may include costs for the workers to get to your house. If you choose a service that is based far away from you, that means more work for the people who bring the new shingles and equipment too.
  • The pitch of the roof. In layman’s terms, the slope of the roof. If you have a particularly steep roof, the work is more difficult and more dangerous for roofers. Extra safety precautions might be necessary, which would increase costs.
  • The roofing material. The type of roofing material you select for your new roof will make a difference in the quote as well. A slate or wood shake roof is typically more costly than a shingle one.
  • Underlying Issues. Beneath your shingles is the surface of your roof- the thing that protects you from rain and snow. That surface may have damage that is not immediately visible from your vantage point on the ground. When a roofer is doing an assessment for a quote, they are searching for wood that needs to be replaced because of water damage or insects. They are also checking the roof components you don’t think about, like the flashing around the chimney. They will assess the ventilation of your roof and even notice if those gutters need replacing.
  • Possible Improvements. This may be an opportune time to consider improvements to your roof beyond the new shingles. For example, you may want to add more roof vents to provide better ventilation in the upper part of the house, or even a solar attic fan or new skylight to make your home more energy efficient and earn a tax credit. Most roofers can make those installations for your convenience as they do the work on your roof. Sometimes the roofer can also provide new gutters or gutter guards that will help curtail gutter clogging when the leaves begin to fall in autumn. Doing those convenient renovations at the time you put on your new roof will be more convenient for you, and may save money in installation costs compared to doing the renovation at a later time. .

Remember that there is usually a reason behind an exceptionally low quote, such as a contractor cutting corners on safety people, licensing, certifications or materials. You want quality installation that will come with a good warranty and last for 10-15 years. Pro-Home Services works with the most experienced and trustworthy contractors in the business, which means you are always getting quality installation, backed by our 5-year workmanship warranty on top of product warranties.

If you are ready for a quote for your new roof, contact Pro-Home Services at 630.790.0800.





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