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Why Is My House So Cold: Answers To A Chilling Question


Why Is My House So Cold: Answers To A Chilling Question

The ever repeated question as the months begin to grow colder. Why is my house so cold? The answers to that question are sitting all around you, but few people consider them to be the culprits that they are.

We know better and know exactly why your house is so cold. Wouldn’t you like to know as well?

Windows and doors

Your windows and doors are already the easiest points at which cold air can enter your house and warm air can escape. What’s more is that older windows get worse over time. Replacing standard windows with Energy Star approved windows lowers your energy bill anywhere between 7% and 15%. A lower energy bill translates into your home being better able to sustain its internal temperature, therefore keeping you warmer in the cold months and cooler in the warmer months. Check on the windows and doors around the house. Make sure that when they’re closed, they’re not letting cold air sneak in and warm air sneak out.

Roofing and siding insulation

Remember learning about heat rising in elementary school science? Let’s apply that to your cold home. Many homeowners don’t know that poor roofing insulation is one of the main ways heat escapes their homes. All that heat you wish to keep in during the winter rises and, when your roofing isn’t adequately insulated, you’re letting the fact that you forgot elementary science make your home colder than it should be.

Similarly, with siding insulation, as the winds of winter beat against your outer walls, your siding will withstand strong gusts, sure. What those cold gusts do is steadily cool the structure of your house and that surface temperature plays a role in how cold your interior can become. Proper, thick wall insulation will take your house from icebox to insulated and make a noticeable difference in indoor temperature.

Time is the all-consuming factor that makes everything deteriorate. Windows, doors, siding, insulation, roofing, and everything in between won’t last forever. If you’re feeling your house get cold this fall and winter, check these factors and make sure that time hasn’t rendered them less effective. If it has, let us know and we’ll help you get your home right back to the level of toasty you’re used to.





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