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Will a Black Roof Make My House Too Hot?


Will a Black Roof Make My House Too Hot?

Just like there are a number of options when it comes to siding colors, roofing products come in a range of colors and hues as well. Some homeowners believe that black or darker asphalt roofs are most attractive, and of course, it’s all subjective, but having the perfect contrast between the right house paint and a dark roof can add to your home’s “curb appeal.”

When it’s time for a roof replacement or new roofing installation, some homeowners are concerned about the effect the summer heat may have on a black roof. It’s a valid concern since on an especially hot day, an attic can reach over 150 degrees.

Yes, a dark roof absorbs more heat from the sun; however, there are a few simple solutions that will leave you worry-free after your new black roofing installation.

Good Insulation

When you choose a darker color for your new asphalt roof, having really good insulation becomes very important. When the roof heats up, air trapped in the attic can get extremely hot and eventually transmit that heat into your living spaces below. Consequently, your home will become uncomfortably warm as the interior temperature rises.

You can combat the heat by turning on the air conditioner, but expect to see your energy bill go through the roof. Instead, you can improve your home’s insulation to create a barrier that prevents hot air from moving into the living area in the first place.

Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation will evacuate the hot air from the attic, replacing it with cool, fresh air. As a result, the color of your roof won’t be an issue at all. There are a number of ways to vent your attic, and the method your roofing company uses will depend upon the design of your home.

While dark roofs do tend to absorb more heat, the rest of your home should stay cool with the proper insulation and ventilation. It is important that before installing a new roof you consult a professional roofing company regarding the color, material, and design that works best for your home. The roof contracting industry generates roughly $46 billion of revenue in the U.S. each year, largely because they provide an essential service to homeowners across the country.





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