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Windstorm in Northeast Caused Significant Damage to Buildings


Windstorm in Northeast Caused Significant Damage to Buildings

Many are still feeling the brunt of the chaos caused by strong winds that struck the Northeast United States. The storm left thousands without power for days and tore apart power lines, trees and buildings.

Though power had gradually been restored to those that lost it, more long-lasting is the effect the wind had on the buildings. The storm left many people in need of siding repair and roof replacement after the wind tore them off with ease. The winds, which got somewhere near the 60mph range, even snapped and uprooted trees, causing further damage.

The winds proved to be so strong that there are at least two reports of semi-trucks being blown over. This unstoppable force of nature has left many frustrated with the amount of damage done to their property and left seeking siding replacement and roof repairs.

Hopefully, some will discover ways to make their homes stronger from inclement weather conditions. Choosing composite siding, for example, is ideal. This siding is rot and termite-free, fire-proof and unaffected by wind or cold. They also come in a wide variety of appearances for siding options.

Several buildings were left without roofs as well, both homes and businesses. Repairs could vary, depending on the customer, but hopefully many will opt for metal roofs, instead of traditional shingles. Metal roofing has been proven to hold up much better in severe wind conditions than other roofing materials. With this, it may eliminate the need to repair a roof, should a windstorm this bad happen again. Metal roofs also have the added bonus of coming in many different colors and styles.

It’s likely it will take a while for parts of the northeast to recover from such a powerful storm. With trees virtually torn at the root, it’s clear this is not an easy fix. While there is no estimation on the cost of repairs to homes and businesses, we can only hope the expenses stay low. Progress continues all over the northeastern United States to repair what was damaged in the storm.

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