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Working With Roofing Contractors During COVID-19


Working With Roofing Contractors During COVID-19

Under normal circumstances investing in roofing can be difficult but roofing during COVID-19 is even more challenging. Pro-Homes Services has adapted to this new normal and simplified the process for homeowners to navigate this scary and unusual time. Don’t be afraid to roof your house now, especially if it is an emergency.

What steps should you take to work with a contractor during this time?

1. Virtual Research

Find a roofing contractor near you. From there you can read reviews, view all their services and in cases like Pro-Homes, learn more about the brands they use with links provided on the website.

2. Remote Appointment

Call, email, text, or video chat with a contractor. The entire consultation can be contactless, without stepping foot in your home.

3. Contractor Safety Measures

Find a contractor who is taking precautions to keep you safe and themselves.  Pro-Homes Services has taken that step with:

  • Contactless Samples: We deliver samples to your doorstep, no need for interaction.  All samples are sanitized prior to delivery.
  • Phone Consult:  We will hold an over the phone consultation or if you prefer in person, we can chat outside or behind a storm door.
  • Social Distancing:  We will maintain a safe distance during all phases of the job.
  • Protective masks will be used in presence of the customers.

4. Set Guidelines

Homeowners should feel comfortable allowing work to be done. Don’t be shy about setting your own safety measures–contractors want to work but they also want to be safe themselves.

5. Electronic Estimates

All billing, scheduling, and payments can be processed electronically so there need not be any paper collateral in the transaction.

I know this is year has been crazy, and we don’t know when the craziness will end, but if you have been putting off a roof replacement, there is no time like the present. Roofing during COVID-19 is possible and the pandemic has not stopped Pro-Home Services. Delaying your project may result in further damage to your home and that’s not a way to start the new year!  Give Pro-Homes Services a call today at (630)790-0800.





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