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Four Ways to Keep your Roof Cool in the Summer


Four Ways to Keep your Roof Cool in the Summer

Summer has arrived and along with it, the hot weather. While we usually do well keeping ourselves cool, few people think about their keeping their roof cool in summer. However, a too hot roof is never a good thing. The surface temperature on a black roof can be more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit above the air temperature, which could reach over 150 degrees!

That means the heat absorbed by a traditional roof raises the temperature inside the house. This contributes to higher energy usage, leading to staggering bills.  Keeping your roof cool can reduce the use of air conditioning use and keep more money in your wallet.

There are many ways in which to keep your roof cool.  The following four are easy to implement and cost-effective ways to keep your roof cool this summer.

  1. Light colored shingles–  Despite the material you use to cover your roof, if you use light colored shingles they will reflect 80-90% more sunlight than their darker counterparts and can reduce energy bills 10-20 percent. They also reduce the roof’s temperature, which can extend shingle life by slowing the danger of cracking, chipping, or curling.
  2. Asphalt shingles– Traditional shingles can be replaced with cooler asphalt shingles. They contain reflective granules that help reflect sunlight to keep the roof cooler. This will help to lower energy usage and reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning.
  3. Plant a tree– Shade is a powerful ally for keeping your roof cool in the summer. By planting a tree, you can create shade for your roof. Just be careful of the proximity of the tree to your house to avoid excessive leaves in the gutters.
  4. Proper ventilation/insulation– This is the most efficient and effective way to keep your roof cool in the summer. You may not realize it, but your attic is an integral part of your home’s structure.  An attic alone can control whether your house is cool in the summer and heated in the winter; whether you incur mold, leaking, condensation, etc. or whether the roof can adequately support snow and ice. It is important to keep your attic insulated and ventilated in all four seasons.
  • In the heat of the summer, your attic can become overheated. This excess heat is absorbed into the roof causing the shingles to overheat. The shingles are then at risk of deteriorating regardless of the aforementioned preventative measures. Installing a power vent can speed the process of cooling your attic.
  • In the frozen tundra that is winter, you may notice icicles off the gutter or spot an area of the roof that is mysteriously thawed when others are covered with snow. These, along with condensation, uneven room temperatures and ice damming are signs of poor attic ventilation/insulation. At worst, this can eventually lead to ceiling collapse but typical problems include water damage, cracks, mold, or ruined electronics. Proper ventilation/insulation will help eliminate this potential problem.

When necessary, a professional roofer like Pro-Homes will recommend where and when better ventilation is needed in your attic and be able to install the proper vents.

We are all happy the temperatures outside are on the rise, and taking measures to keep your roof cool in summer can also help you be prepared for, dare we say it? Winter! Give us a call at 630-790-0800 if we can help.





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