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New Anti-Smog Malarkey Shingles Make Roofing Greener


New Anti-Smog Malarkey Shingles Make Roofing Greener

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Pro-Home Services is proud to now offer new anti-smog shingles from Malarkey Roofing Products®! Malarkey has introduced the first smog-reducing shingles using 3M® Smog-Reducing Granules. These new shingles not only make your roof look great but also help the environment! In fact, the amount of air pollution that is reduced from the shingles is equivalent to planting two trees per roof.

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The new smog-reducing shingles are revolutionary in harnessing the energy of the sun to transform smog and harmful environmental particles into environmentally friendly emissions. The groundbreaking ingenuity and architectural durability of Malarkey shingles is a win-win for the environment and the homeowner.

Need some more convincing?  Let’s learn more…

My area isn’t very smoggy. Do I need this?

Smog is the result of emissions. It is a form of air pollution that develops from UV sunlight interacting with chemicals, like nitrogen oxide, in the atmosphere. Smog forms from emissions caused by vehicles on the road, fuel-burning power plants, and construction equipment. Most everyone lives in an area with one or more smog sources. Breathing in smog can lead to lung damage, bronchial infection, and cardiac problems. Imagine instead, a roof that can actually improve air quality. That’s Malarkey!

What are Anti-Smog Granules?

The granules used on the Malarkey shingles have a special coating that blends with the shingle’s color. When triggered by UV rays, the coating emits radicals that convert nitrogen oxide gases into water-soluble, nitrate salts that improve air quality. Any microscopic salt solids are then washed away by rain to be used by plants as a form of nitrogen.

Do the granules look different?

No. They resemble the standard shingle granules and provide the same quality and protection, with the added environmental feature.

Does the anti-smog property of the shingles wear out?

According to Malarky testing, the process is continuous because of the way the coating is manufactured with the granules. As long as the shingles are exposed to UV rays, the smog-reduction will continue to work.

Performance and Durability

Although Malarkey shingles are a guaranteed pollution warrior, Malarky shingles are just as tough against the wear and tear of the elements. Malarkey shingles are impact-resistant, mold/mildew resistant, and have the highest fire safety rating on the market.

Malarkey Shingles are made by a company whose guiding principle is building shingles that they would use on their own homes.  Whether it’s the groundbreaking anti-smog technology of Malarkey shingles or their commitment to quality standards, Malarkey shingles are the real deal and Pro-Homes Services proudly installs them.  Our professionals have vast knowledge and experience with Malarkey shingles and are happy to answer any questions or concerns.  Give Pro-Home Services a call today! (630)790-0800






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