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Roof Damage and Animals in the Roof

Big problems and serious roof damage await the homeowner with animals in the roof. These brazen vandals work day and night to make themselves comfortable in the upper part of your home. Unfortunately, escaping the threat of roof damage from animals is almost impossible. Animals are an all-season threat to a healthy roof. You must remain vigilant and watch for signs of these prowlers to prevent costly roof damage.

When to Make a Roof Insurance Claim

To file a roof insurance claim or not to file a roof insurance claim? That is the question. A roof is the most essential piece of your home. It protects everything you value most. Unfortunately, it also bears the brunt of Mother Nature’s force. When your roof is damaged or shows its age, should you file a roof insurance claim?

Victims of Hail Damage: Beware the Storm Chaser!

Worrying about hail damage to your home is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of weathering a heavy summertime storm. As you sit inside and watch the size of the falling hail increase, so does your anxiety about what it’s doing to your roof. The recent wave of severe weather in the Midwest has caused a surge of insurance claims and the immediate appearance of “storm chasing” roofing companies who seek out desperate, naive homeowners.