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6 Factors That Will Help You Determine If You Need a New Roof

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends two routine inspections every year. However, most people neglect to pay attention to their roofs until it’s too late. Unfortunately, poor maintenance leads to many homeowners requiring new roofs. If you are not sure if your roof has outlived its serviceable years, here are some of the things you […]

The Votes are in: Trends in Midwest Roofing Styles

People like trends, and people in Illinois getting a new roof are no exception; they like to consider the trends in Midwest roofing styles. The endless choices in shingle colors, materials and styles can be overwhelming, because there are so many things to consider. It’s nice to have a model or benchmark from which to make your decision.

What are the trends? There are no definitive answers. Not only do trends come and go, but ultimately you need to choose a look that appeals to YOU. However, we have compiled some opinions from interior designers and information about Midwest roofing that can help get you started.

How to Choose a Roof Color: Seven Things to Consider

Getting a new roof is so exciting! It’s a chance to completely revamp the look of your home. But it’s also a scary decision because you will live with your choice for a long time. Where do you start? Here are seven things to consider before making that final decision.