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Hiring a Veteran in the Roofing Industry

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Hiring a Veteran in the Roofing Industry

The men and women of the United States military work hard to protect our country. When service is up, they’re ready to serve elsewhere. Many industries, including the roofing industry, have recognized the benefits of hiring veterans. The discipline, stamina, and hard work ethic needed to work in roofing is second nature to vets and a must have in the roofing industry.  Not only is hiring a veteran in the roofing industry beneficial to the company, but it can also be a saving grace for some veterans.

In Illinois, the construction industry needs roofers. While the pandemic saw many job losses in construction, by March of 2021, 110,000 new constructions jobs were added.  This number has not diminished but has been on the rise since then.  About the same time, the Association of Builders and Contractors reported they will need to hire 439,000 professionals in the coming year.  What better way to welcome America’s veterans back to the work force than offering them job where their many valuable skills can be of use. Pro-Homes Services continuously supports America’s veterans any way we can and hopes that every industry recognizes the valuable qualities they bring the job: .

Strong Leadership Skills

Strong leadership skills are a cornerstone of the military. Veterans are trained to use communication skills to inspire and lead. It is this skill that helps them make quick decisions under pressure. The roofing industry needs workers to manage a team and ensure the project is done correctly and on time, as well as keep them motivated towards the end product. Ex-military know how to do this well.

Ability to Adapt Quickly

Veterans learn early on that adapting to change is necessary for survival.  Being able to process new information as it comes and react swiftly to sudden changes is a constant in the military.  This skill translates to the workforce perfectly as companies, especially in construction and home improvement, bring on new technology, use new materials, and are required to learn new installation techniques. Hiring a veteran in the roofing industry means hiring someone who can deal with any change, including those changes supplied by the client who changes their mind about their home improvement project!


Veterans are trained to know what to do and to be the first to do it. This comes from determination and high levels of discipline that they form in the military. It is this drive that makes veterans suitable for the roofing industry. They take initiative and never give up in the toughest situations, leading them to be problem solvers.  The roofing industry has many complexities that a veteran may handle better than an average worker.


Veterans understand commitment.  If they sign up for something, they show up.  In the roofing industry, the necessity for reliable workers is paramount. The lives of homeowners are disrupted by a roofing project; they need it done on time.  Veterans understand teamwork, and the idea that if one of them do not perform, the entire job suffers.  Many veterans commit decades of service to the United States and sacrifice time with their families, yet they see every job through to the end. That’s reliability!


Veterans live a life of service to others.  They put their team first, ahead of themselves.  They learn to value teamwork and the commitment it takes to support others. Veterans work with a diverse group men and women, they adapt to each other, and become a formidable team. They help foster a sense of comraderie among teammates. In the roofing industry, you are working with many individuals. The construction business is only successful as its team.  Veterans with strong leadership and “team player” mindset will be very successful.

Hiring a Veteran in the roofing industry is the best business decision a roofer can make.  Veterans have every quality a company asks for and more.  From determination, leadership, problem-solving to safety skills, adaptability, and most of all, teamwork, veterans possess the qualities needed most in the team that’s replacing or repairing your roof.  To learn more about our team at Pro-Homes or to schedule your own installation on roofing, siding, windows, and doors, give Pro-Homes a call today at (630) 790-0800.





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