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Should I Remove Snow from the Roof?

Snow on the roof gutter

Should I Remove Snow from the Roof?

Each winter, homeowners are faced with two tricky questions: why didn’t I move to Florida?; and, should I remove snow from the roof?

Of course, a snow-covered roof provides a picturesque scene, but  potential hazards lurk beneath the surface. Properly maintaining a roof prevents damage, but it’s always good to be vigilant of the condition of your roof year-round. Pro-Homes Services stands behind our roof installations and keeps safety first when helping maintain your home in winter. Follow along as we help you answer the question, should I remove snow from the roof?

Why Remove Snow from the Roof?

  • Ice dams can form, causing melting snow to pool and seep underneath shingles and into your home.
  • Too much weight from continuous snowfall could cause the roof to cave inward.
  • Rotting roof parts, fed by the moisture of melting snow, can worsen unseen until spring showers suddenly create leaks in your roof.
  • Blocking of vents or chimneys with snow can damage components to the point they need replacement or compromise your ventilation.

When to Remove Snow from the Roof?

  • If your interior doors become hard to open or close, especially on the second floor. The weight of the snow may be pushing the roof down. Check your attic doors, closet doors, bedroom doors, etc.
  • You hear creaking roof sounds. They can precede your roof about to cave from the weight of the snow or ice!
  • If you notice cracks around the doors or windows, cracks in the drywall near the doors. Again, these can be caused by stress from the weight of the snow.
  • Your roof looks like it is bowing or distorted. If you observe this from outside looking up at the roof, it is an urgent sign to take action, beginning with snow removal.
  • If you have six inches or more snow on your roof or experience a snowstorm dumping over two feet of snow onto the ground. The integrity of most roofs can be threatened by the weight of too much snow.
  • Ice dams are forming. It is a sign your roof is susceptible to damning, and you should keep snow off of your roof.

How to Remove Snow from the Roof?

We highly recommend leaving this chore to the pros. However, if you need to remove snow on your own, here are tips to help you out:

  • Invest in a snow rake. This tool will allow you to pull snow down from the roof while keeping your boots on the ground.
  • Use a standard rake if you must. However, unlike the snow rake, it does not have the benefit of an extended handle. Remember, do not stand directly beneath the falling snow.
  • Leave an inch of snow behind. Scraping a roof clean can cause damage.
  • When using a ladder, secure it to the ground or grab a partner to hold it in place. Never step foot on your roof to clear snow.
  • Wait for the weather to warm. This will make it easier to remove snow. If temperatures are consistently frigid, the snow will be frozen, and more difficult to remove from the roof.
  • Stay away from cables and electrical lines.
  • Never apply heat manually.
  • The best tip of all: Call a professional! This is a surefire way to prevent injury.

Removing snow from your roof can be a dangerous task. To remove snow from the roof, use a licensed, bonded, insured contractor to perform annual maintenance on your roof, all year round. Pro-Homes Services is an expert in home maintenance, including snow removal. From annual inspections to exterior replacements, Pro-Homes has you covered. Give us a call today!  (630)790-0800.





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