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The ROI on Exterior Home Improvements

The ROI on Exterior Home Improvements

ROI (return on investment) on exterior home improvements is often the deciding factor on whether to take the plunge on repairing, replacing, or adding to a home’s exterior. Whether an exterior home improvement is needed or not, a facelift will certainly add value. But the question is, what home exterior improvement will yield the highest ROI? We took a close look at all possible areas of exterior home improvement and found windows, siding, roofing, and doors leading the pack.

It’s no surprise to us because we’ve heard from our customers for years that the improvements from Pro-Home Services have added value to their homes! Here is what we found as we examined at some of our services and where they ranked in ROI here in Chicagoland, as opposed to the national average.

 Our source was the 2021 Cost vs. Value report from Zonda Media. 

ROI On Replacement Windows

According to the report, windows have one of the highest ROI among exterior home improvement projects. Homeowners in the Chicagoland area rank above the national average, probably because if you’ve lived here, you understand how important airtight windows are in the cold weather! 

  • Vinyl Windows-70.1% (Chicagoland) vs. 68.8% (National)
  • Wood Windows-70.7% (Chicagoland) vs. 67.4% (National)

Although vinyl windows are more popular and durable, wood windows provide better insulation with a timeless elegance. Despite the pros and cons of either type of window, the ROI on either vinyl or wood window is impressive and a safe choice for an exterior home improvement project that will help the house asking price when it’s time to sell. Pro Homes Services offers wood windows from Andersen and vinyl window from Alside.

ROI On Replacement Siding 

According to the report, the ROI on replacement siding in Chicagoland just about matched the national average ROI on siding. Healthy siding translates to “curb appeal,” leading to a greater interest in your home’s property value. This is apparently true across the country, in the warmer climates as well as replacement siding in Chicagoland. 

  • Fiber Cement Siding- 65.7%(Chicagoland) vs. 69.4% (National)
  • Vinyl Siding- 68.3%(Chicagoland) vs. 68.8% (National)

Pro-Homes Services offers both fiber cement and vinyl siding styles from high quality manufacturers. We offer James Hardie (fiber cement) as well the incomparable LP Smartside engineered lap siding. LP Smartside stands up to the toughest abuse, including a little leaguer’s best pitch! We also feature Alside vinyl siding, which is an economic, but hearty choice for any exterior. Vinyl siding offers the look of wood without the maintenance or the threat of rot, split, or peel. Either way you go, the recoup value speaks for itself.

ROI on Roof Replacement

According to the report, roofing has a much lower ROI when compared to other projects like siding and windows when compared to the national average. The numbers may reflect the rising insurance rates and the unpredictable Midwest weather, prompting homeowners to repair their roofs regularly rather than replace them. Yet homeowners can still expect to get more than half of the investment back upon sale.

  • Asphalt Shingles- 57.5%(Chicagoland) vs. 60.7%(National)
  • Metal Roofing- 50.9%(Chicagoland) vs. 56.1% (National)

Even if you don’t replace your roof, if it is more than 20 years old, a replacement is likely necessary. However, if your roof is younger, making repairs to your roof is necessary to preserve its ROI. Pro-Homes offers the best in roofing materials from Malarkey, Owens Corning, and GAF. Asphalt shingles will ensure durability and come with engineered technology to withstand harsh weather conditions. Asphalt shingles are also popular due to their cost, sustainability, performance, and designer colors and styles.  All three of our roofing companies offer extensive warranties.

ROI on Entry Doors Replacement

According to the report, in Chicagoland, the ROI on entry door replacement ranks higher than the national average. In fact, the ROI on entry door replacement is the third highest ROI percentage among exterior home improvement projects. Perhaps the high percentage may account for the greater interest in “curb appeal” in Chicagoland because of the continuous, transient nature of people moving to and away from the area. 

  • Entry Door Replacement- 71.8%(Chicagoland) vs. 65.0% (National)

That’s quite a difference here compared the national average! Yet it’s understandable, because the entry door is the introduction to your home. The curb appeal offered by the front door, landscaping, and paint color will have significant effect on your home’s value. Pro-Homes offers an array of entry door options to suit your style and wallet, in addition to patio doors from Alside and Andersen.

The ROI on exterior home improvement will not be 100% with any project. However, with any necessary home improvement, your resale value is likely to increase.  Whether you need new windows, siding, roofing, or doors, the ROI will be above 50% with any of them. If you’re considering a home improvement project or would like more information on the cost vs. value, contact Pro Homes Services. We will guide you through any project and ensure your ROI remains the upmost priority. Call us today at (630) 790-0800.





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