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7 Improvements to Consider When Redoing Your Roof


7 Improvements to Consider When Redoing Your Roof

Time to consider redoing your roof?  It may also be time to consider not just a replacement of your roof, but a remodel, by adding some roof improvements as well.

Your roof not only keeps the elements out of your home but also protects in conjunction with other structures adjacent to the roof such as your chimney, eaves, and fascia. That’s why it’s a good idea to evaluate all your exterior features associated with your roof at the time you begin planning your roof remodel. While your trusty contractor is already at your home and up on the roof, it’s a good time for them to install any roofing improvements that you may want.

At Pro-Home Services, we will always offer our honest opinion on what you may want to add to upgrade the efficiency and functionality of your roof. This includes things like:

  1. Improved Venting

During the warmer months, attics are like saunas if they are not properly ventilated. The buildup of heat transfers to the rooms below, which makes your air conditioner work harder to keep things cool. Adding ridge and eave vents or a solar-powered attic fan on the roof will improve air flow in the attic, which means a more comfortable, cooler home with lower energy costs.

  1. Chimney Cap Installation

When the weather turns cold, heat can escape through the chimney, leading to higher energy costs and an icebox for a home. Installing a chimney cap is a quick, relatively inexpensive way to combat this problem. Not only does this roof improvement save you money, but it will also keep animals out of your home.

  1. Eave Flashing

Installing new flashing is often necessary to prevent ice dams and other water damage to your roof.  You may consider installing flashing around skylights or dormers, and any areas vulnerable to standing water. The goal is to form an airtight seal to keep water from pooling anywhere on the roof.

  1. Replacing Skylights

While your contractor is on the roof, it is a perfect time to replace any leaky, clouded or ineffective skylight. If you want to install a new skylight, discuss it with your contractor or have it installed ahead of your roof replacement and let the roofer plan accordingly. Skylights are eco-friendly by emitting light into a room for warmth in the winter months. They also allow more exposure to sunlight, which fosters good health (better sleep, increased  and improves mental health.

  1. Update Gutters/Fascia

Whether you need to update/repair or add fascia, it is an important part of a roof’s structure.   Fascia keeps your home dry, disguises vents, and is aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, fascia is prone to water damage, often because of  clogged gutters. To remedy this common issue, updating your gutter system is a great decision. Adding gutter guards to your roof will also prevent debris from collecting and save you the hassle of cleaning. They will ultimately extend the life of your roof and gutters. It’s a roofing improvement worth considering!

  1. Upgrade your Shingles

Just like a new haircut, new shingles can do wonders for curb appeal and energy efficiency.    You can change the color and/or material of the shingles. If its longevity or appearance you value most, choose a premium shingle product or wood shake. For lower maintenance, stick with asphalt shingles. If it’s energy efficiency you crave, go for a lighter color or reflective material and a shingle designed for efficiency. Shingles of today allow homeowners a wide range of options in colors and materials. Roofers like Pro-Homes can assist you in choosing the right shingles for your personality and budget. We even bring samples to your home, to make the decision easier.

  1. Add Solar Roofing

Solar roofing is getting more popular these days, and if you’ve ever considered it, the time to make the investment is when you are already getting your roof done. Adding solar roofing to your home is an energy saver and has many advantages. It’s definitely considered an upgrade on the average residential roof.

Roof improvements and redoing your roof go hand in hand and doing more at one time can save time and money in the long run. Summer is fast approaching, so avoid the panic of last minute scheduling for the season. Give Pro-Home Services a call today at 630)790-0800 or visit our website for more information.





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