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Exterior Renovation Trends for 2022


Exterior Renovation Trends for 2022

Exterior renovations, just like interior, have become “a thing” thanks to HGTV and DIY networks. They’ve become part of the homeowner conversation. And with a new year, 2022 will bring its own trends in exterior renovation, or the kids call it #exteriorrenovations. As you read on, we will feature a handful of trends that pair well with some of the services here at Pro-Homes. So before you grab your hammer and your toolbelt, give us a call so you can get a professional opinion on how to create a fresh, modern exterior. Here are the most notable 2022 popular trends in home renovation:

Increasing Your Outdoor Living Space

In large part due to a pandemic, Americans are discovering the potential of outdoor entertainment. The need to social distance has created a booming market for patios, pergolas, gardens, etc. As you consider how to increase your outdoor space, it is the perfect time to give the rest of your exterior a face lift. For example, if you are planning the addition of a deck or patio, why not add a sliding door?  Or how about a new front door for the wraparound porch?  Use the opportunity to give your siding a refresh and make it an attraction rather than eye sore.  There are numerous exterior renovations to coincide with your outdoor space project, all of which add sizable value to your home.  This is an investment that you will recoup when you want to sell your home!


We hate to admit is but losing your phone is like losing an arm. Home renovations capitalize on this dependence, and homeowners are adding more tech-based upgrades to old and new homes. Most popular of all are specialized outlets for charging your electronics. Renovation companies are jumping on the band wagon with Apps for clients to virtually style their home before taking the plunge. In fact, find virtual home remodelers for our best selling shingles and visualizers for our siding on our website.

Meanwhile, while technology is advancing inside the house, the exterior of the house has kept up. Roofing and siding materials have made major improvements in the last decade to become even more weather resistant and durable. Now we have more eco-friendly roofing material and siding materials that are the toughest on the market. Siding has replaced paint jobs with new colors, longer lasting insulation, and the ability withstand all types of weather.  Just like you upgrade your phone, exterior renovating is no different and a new roof and siding will add value, curb appeal, and longevity. Can your phone do that?…


Solar-Panel-Roof-Pro-Home-Services-IncIn an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and save money, homeowners are looking to sustainable materials. The most sought after is solar paneling/roofing. Solar roofing can save you money on your energy bills and after time, offset your energy use. Aside from solar roofing, new windows and doors are ways to increase sustainability. Replacing windows and doors with weatherproof sealing, updated, durable materials and new siding with stone or brick, are also a ways homeowners have increased sustainability and lowered energy use and bills. 

Connecting with Nature

These days, homeowners are looking to bridge the gap between the exterior and interior by embracing earthy colors and nature-inspired finishes. If you’re looking to become one with nature, the addition of a sliding glass door, new windows, or even skylights will get you one step closer. You can also look to choose warmer hues for exterior siding and roofing. Exterior renovations offer many opportunities to connect with nature all while updating your home.

Remember, winter is a great time to schedule your exterior renovation. Materials are taking longer these days to order and ship so if you order now, you’ll be ready for spring. If you’re unsure of your plans, let Pro Home Services assist you. Together we can make your home’s exterior one that will rival any makeover show on television. For roofing, siding , windows, and doors, Pro Home Services are the experts in exterior renovations. Give us a call today to discuss your next project at 630.790.0800.





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